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    Wedding Arbor 3
    Branch Hooks
    Shadow Puppetshow, Coming Home, cropped
    ALFS The bounty of the fields, low res, cropped
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    If there is one thing from which my work springs from it is nature.  I look to the work of such artists as David Nash, Andy Goldsworthy, Peter Schumann, Georgia O’ Keefe and Marisol to name a few who draw on nature for their muse. The many forms of nature have inspired all my bodies of work.

    At times the questions are: what am I trying to say? Who is the audience? Is this the right medium? Sometimes there is a great unknowing and in that moment I draw on my trust of what might be revealed in the creative process.

    In both my paintings and sculptures, I love to mix media and experiment with new approaches to imagery and forms. Transforming found material into new contexts is often a magical experience. The dynamic that springs from the experience of community art is quite different in that a degree of my ego needs to be surrendered so that many new forms of expression are openly accepted and actively solicited. I enjoy both the collaborative process and the joy of working in solitude. I have also had the great fortune of finding mentorship and support in Ashley Bryan, Lorna Ritz, and Joanna Macy.

    To purchase or commission any of my artwork, please email me at jay@jaymead.net.
    A Little Farm Story can be purchased from the Norwich Bookstore or Amazon.

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