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Mythical Mask Workshop at Milton Town School

Monday, March 4th, 2013

“Mermaid” by Portia. Photo by Courtney Reckord.

In February, I was invited by art teacher Courtney Reckord to teach a mask-making workshop with her high school students in Milton, Vermont.  Students had all chosen mythological characters to portray, ranging from Prometheus to Medusa to a mermaid (see right). The workshop was a great success and was featured on the Vermont Arts Council website.  In the article, Courtney was kind enough to describe my teaching as “very enthusiastic and honest.” She said:

[Jay] got to know the students really quickly, and was able to connect with many of them right away. One of my most perfectionistic students had chosen Medusa. Jay picked up on that and totally supported her… He also has such an extensive knowledge of masks and has worked with so many groups.

For the full text, click on the article “2/27/2013 Milton Town School District” on this page.