New Work at Sculpture Fest

Here is a new piece I call “Red┬áHands.” It stands 4′ tall and was carved out of some recycled hemlock beams. Given the state of the world and even Vermont’s, in the wake of Irene’s devastation, there are many who could use a helping hand. This piece could also be about the earth’s suffering at our hands. Hopefully viewers will be provoked to think about other stories these hands tell. It is a joy to continue to show work at Sculpture Fest in Woodstock, Vermont, where I am given the freedom to site my work.

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4 Responses to “New Work at Sculpture Fest”

  1. Jay I am up at four thirty in the morning…and found this ..also I found a cool youtube from last year under sculpture fest when I googled..I don’t sleep well sometimes although this is fun…so I guess it is good to wake up and play..
    Very good..will make sure this link is on soon..thanks c

  2. Sonya Mead says:

    Love this Jay!

  3. Sam Mead says:

    Jay, this is very cool. BTW: I was at the new Jamestown Art Center in Jamestown, RI. It’s a very cool space with lots of opportunities for classes and such. Maybe you could teach on there this simmer? Your work would be perfect there:

  4. Martha Kesler says:

    Oh Jay, overwhelming…

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