Art Program Fundraiser at Sharon Academy

Jacket for Art Benefit, Collage, April 2015

The Sharon Academy in Vermont recently held a fundraiser for its art program that generated over $19,000. I painted and contributed a coat to the auction, which sold for $475. Here our exchange student Fred, from the Masai tribe in Kenya, is modeling the coat. He is the first one from his family of 12 siblings to live outside of his country.

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4 Responses to “Art Program Fundraiser at Sharon Academy”

  1. Love the jacket Jay. It could be a new venue for you. My best to you and Edie!

  2. Marj Bundschuh says:

    Not surprised that Holly loves the jacket. So do I!

    It’s great that you have an exchange student. He looks happy. I have hosted two young ladies, one from Italy, one from Argentina. I have truly enjoyed getting to know them.

    Say hi to Edie and the boys.

  3. Huma Beg says:

    Love the jacket J. It reminds me of Africa. The sun at the back and the myriads of colours on the front. How beautiful is that. Congratulations!

  4. Jay Mead says:


    What’s your e-mail?


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